Perimeter protection system

Perimeter security system is the first line of defense for an object.

Usually this system is used with video surveillance and intruder alarms.

When we want to create such a system we have to take into account the following elements: type of fencing and details of terrain (rocks, trees).

5 Steps for a good perimeter system

1. Warning

First of all in a perimeter system is to place warning signs, lighting, guard dogs or to use other electronically elements.

2. Detection

You can use a combination of sensors to detect any intrusion attempt from the beginning. Also you can install a CCTV with video analytics to detect anomalies in the perimeter area.

3. Quick intervention

Once an intruder has been detected on the perimeter this action can be reported to  local police or to a central monitoring station which can send a intervention team

4. Access delay and blocking

You can implement different types of traps to delay the access of the intruder like double fence line or to have multiple doors with different type of access physical or accessed via verification of proper credentials or to have one-way access controlled gates.

5. Defend

For best result in any system you need also a human intervention. The quardian should be trained and ready for prompt action.


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